24 December 2011

My Boyfriend Pillow: Something To Lean On

There's something about curling up next to another body--even just wrapping around my little dog on a giant bed.  There's something about sharing warmth.  There's something about being a pillow and about resting on another being.  I think perhaps this is something we lose track of today, when each of us is sequestered in our own room,  with our own pillow, to our own side of the bed.  In days gone by people shared, and still today people share, sleeping spaces.  I don't think we were meant to be such solitary creatures when resting.  I think we were meant to sleep in piles, with tangled limbs, sharing warmth.

Anyway, for awhile now, I have been casually looking for a husband pillow.  A husband pillow has a high, firm back and short armrests.  It is perfect for sitting up and reading in bed.  They seem to have gone out of vogue somewhat.  I remember my parents having at least one when I was a child, and they seemed to me to be the height of bedtime functionality and comfort.  My sister and I were at Target this Fall.  I had difficulty explaining to her just what a husband pillow was, and she kept helpfully pulling body pillows and giant square things off the racks.  But alas, there were no husband pillows to be found at Target.

My sister remembered my quest for the elusive husband pillow, in whose arms I could spend a lifetime of reading comfort.  This evening we had our family Christmas, and my sister presented me with a boyfriend pillow.  A boyfriend pillow is a pillow with an arm attached to it.  You lay your head on the pillow's "chest," and the arm wraps around you, protectively.  It is extremely comfortable.  After cuddling with the pillow for awhile, the arm starts to get warm.  The button down shirt is removable, so it could be washed in the inevitable event of drool.  I might monogram the pocket or keep pens there.  My boyfriend pillow might get a name.  Kudos to my sister for her exceptional, thoughtful shopping find.

There are many things I like about being single, but not cuddling at bedtime is not one of them.  Perhaps someday I'll trade in for a human pillow, but tonight I'll be sleeping in the warm embrace of my boyfriend pillow and drooling contentedly on its blue, button down shirt.  We all need someone (or something) to lean on.

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