31 December 2016

For Love and Exploration: New Hearth, Same Home

The Hunt and Hearth Mistress here, newly ensconced in her very own tower in Chicago, official practitioner of the clinical laboratory sciences, still a forester of dresses and a sailor on the ocean of shoes.

I suppose you might think that moving to one of the largest cities in the country, and multiplying the domestic space for which I am responsible would give me more to say, and I suppose I do have more to say, but there's also so much more for a domestic philosopher to do in the city.  Up until now I've spent so much time dreaming about what I would do when I reached this day--the simple, fun things, like dresses and dates, and the bigger things--like researching the mechanics of those things which hold people back from being their best selves, and and now I'm finally ready to roll up my vintage cardigan sleeves, and get my hands dirty.

But first, I'm sorting out my space, beginning with artwork, especially art prints by Etsy artist Claire Caufield, like this pen, ink, and watercolor of Venice:

Ms. Caufield's work is for my "love" room, where the literature, biographies, and Hunt & Hearth contingent of the library will be stored, as well as the artwork of, and photographs of, family and friends.  

As an honorary mermaid, former swimmer, and solo canoer (waiting for solo canoeing gender equality in the Olympics), I've always liked the idea of waterways in lieu of streets, and hence, the idea of Venice.  Plus, pinks, oranges, and mint greens, are favorite colors.  Pinks and golds feature prominently in the love room.  

Mint greens and lumberjack colors are more prominent in the the "exploration" room.  The exploration room is a sort of office, and the future home of the microscope. The design conceit features a sort of menagerie and men-harem of explorers, featuring works by Etsy artist Dick Vincent and Etsy artist Emily Winfield Martin's "The Tatooed Man."  

In addition to decorative developments, slightly more need-based improvements have been made--like non-slip hangers, spices (because you can make rice and beans taste like anything with spices), storage boxes (think Berenstein Bear boxes à la Best Nest You), and clothes.

For clothes, I must recommend the online thrift and consignment store:  ThredUp.  Always wanted black, leather boots, but didn't want to shell out a small fortune?  Want a few more dresses in your summer rotation?  The bag that completes your outfit?  Thrift and consignment are the economical person's means of accessing quality brands.  And ThredUp delivers that economy with convenience in adorable polka dot packaging.  Avoid the crowds and higher prices!  Stop buying new and start buying used!

My time is mine now.  My space is mine now.  My money is mine (and my creditors') now.  I am mistress in my own home, and it will be for love and exploration and learning--what my home has always been for.  What is your home for?

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  1. Anna I love ❤️ you and appreciate your perspective.
    Happiest of New Years to you. ✨