02 January 2010

The Goodwill 50% Off-Day Workout

"...I think they should list shopping as a cardiovascular activity." Sophie Kinsella Confessions of a Shopaholic

A benefit of shopping which is too little extolled is that it is a workout. I find the monthly Goodwill 50% Off Day especially grueling. Thrift shopping is a more labor-intensive version of shopping anyway. It also draws crowds, which means competition. The workout is as follows:

1. Pull things off the racks until you can't possibly hold any more.
2. Try on said haul.
3. Discard what you don't want, retaining what you do want.
4. Refill to maximum capacity.
5. Repeat steps 4-3 until satisfied with haul or with level of exhaustion.

Health benefits:

1. The biceps remain flexed under enormous weight for enormous periods of time.
2. The cardiovascular benefit of having to move quickly around the store (to be faster than everyone else).

Don't forget to check in the books section too. I've found a thesaurus, classics and children's books there. And of course, books are heavy, and therefore fall within the scope of the workout plan. Flowers do not.

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