19 January 2010

One Good Sweater

In the frigid northern Midwest, where the indoor climate is little better than the outdoor climate due to the economic times, you must have a good sweater. Maybe you don't like them. Maybe you think they're a little too nerdy, a little too "grandpa," but I encourage you to overcome these prejudices and allow a sweater into your life.

I fell in love with mine as a rather abstract concept before we ever met. It was the cardigan at left, worn by Megan Follows as Anne Shirley (Anne of Avonlea), which awoke my sweater-longing. For years I searched, often coming close, but never quite finding The One. Finally, in my favorite local boutique, I found it: hip-length, mottled black and white, with a black band around the chest, long, bell sleeves, an A-line shape, and a luxurious shawl collar. It's been magical ever since. Every day is so much cozier with my Anne of Green Gables cardigan. May you all find similar warmth and happiness in the embrace of one good sweater.

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