02 January 2010

"Window" Shopping

My virtual mall contains approximately 140 stores. It is essentially just a pull-down menu on the Bookmarks bar of my browser, whereby, with the click of my mouse I can be happily deposited at any of my favorite stores to buy, dream, or contemplate.

A few guidelines for online shopping. Always check the size charts. There are many different understandings of the size "8" or "large," so look at the measurements they're pairing with each size category. If you don't own a measuring tape, I recommend buying one from your local fabrics store. Once you know your measurements you can shop anywhere there's a size chart. (Know your size in centimeters as well. One inch (in) equals approximately 2.54 centimeters (cm), so just multiply your measurement in inches by 2.54 to get your measurement in centimeters.)

Most online stores have sales and clearance sections just like walk-in stores do, granted online clearance sections are more selective than your walk-in's sprawling forest of clearance wares. But when the online store says they have it and they have it in your size, they do. And they deliver right to your door.

Some might think that online shopping is more likely to enable over-spending. Many stores keep your credit card on file and offer one-click purchasing. I am aware of the risks and I am learning to deal with temptation. Online stores have wish lists, which allows me not only to list items of interest but to rank them in terms of priority. For me, online stores are primarily for window shopping. But when it comes time to buy something you need, nothing competes with being able to compare competitor prices cozy at your computer.

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