22 March 2010

Recycled Fashion

While having dinner with a friend the other night, I noticed, tucked into her purse, a wallet made out of aluminum can tabs. It is made by the Escama Studio, which makes wallets and purses out of recycled aluminum. The studio employs local residents at a living wage. The wallet was rigid yet stretchy and decorated with avocado green thread. That just got me thinking about other recycled fashion, a growing trend.

A resourceful patient's mother used to come in with a bright purse made from recycled Kool-aid drink pouches. She made them to sell, for about $15 each. It looks like many people are making them now. I think they're a great purse for summer, since they're bright and made from the containers of summery beverages.

There's something very self-aware about recognizing our role as consumers. Why not convert a little of the waste we use into beautiful and useful things? Even awareness of products like these make me more conscious of the amount of waste I am responsible for. Maybe you don't have time to build a kitchen table out of fallen branches or string your own bottle cap necklace, but please support the artists in your community--locally and globally--who do. There's nothing sexier than wearing what you believe in, with pride.

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