01 March 2010

Viva la résistance contre l'hiver!

Kids, do not be cowed by winter, but march confidently in the direction of spring. Take up your purses, your strappy backpacks, your tangled iPods, and your cunning lances, and march with me into the sunshine and into the snow, into the month of March. Away we go. Today we shop. Today we go to work. Today we go to class. We show that snow we will not go! That snow will go! We show that snow!

We wear purple berets with flowers on them to summon spring. And we wear military topcoats, boots, giant black sunglasses, and black leather gloves, because we are serious. Because we are the army which welcomes spring. Because "we are the ones who come from the sun." Let us march into March. Viva le printempts!

(Credit here to Giorgio Armani's Fall 2o10 Menswear Collection and to Megapuss's "Lavender Blimp.")

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