25 July 2010

Bicycle Chic

I am supposed to be getting a car this fall, but what I really want is new bike, a tricked out bike, with cup-holders, books-on-tape in stereo (like The Stig) and a climate control system.

Everyone has reasons for not biking--money, business, sloth... but I especially want to speak today to those with objections of a more aesthetic nature. It's not all leotards, mushroom-shaped helmets, and bikes with little Tour-de-France seats.

Allow me to introduce the latest fashion accessory: the bicycle. The new bike scene is hip and healthy, with a range of bikes and accessories, meaning there are bikes and accessories which fit your lifestyle and your own unique sense of style. It's just a matter of assembling your touring gear and hitting the road.

For me, it's the beach cruiser bike. They're big, sturdy, and comfortable, and they come is fun colors. You can add baskets, lights, bells, etc., as needed, to make them uniquely yours.

These are just a few of the beauties I've seen:

The Nirve Lahaina

The Rover GFX

The Diamondback Della Cruz

The sixthreezero Scholar

Helmets can be fun too! They don't have to be the big puffy things. They can be sleek and colorful. I didn't think Kate Hudson's helmet was too bad in "How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days." "...a little give and a little go." And for those who absolutely can't abide anything helmet-like, there are helmets made to look like hats.  

Early motorists wore driving goggles. I can't quite make Model T speed, but I still want the goggles, something like Caractacus Potts would wear, or Ruth Nichols, one of the original ninety-nine of the women's aviation society, founded in 1929, The Ninety-Nines.

Don't let convention hold you back. Today we ride. Tomorrow we sail and fly. Pedal confidently in the direction of your dreams!

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