07 January 2011

Laptop Hearth

For almost as long as there have been humans, we have taken comfort in our hearth fires. Historically the heart of the home, the hearth was used to meet essential needs like food and warmth. And it has long provided a focal point for social gatherings. Not everyone is lucky enough to have a real fireplace, but the good news is that now you don't need one! I was in the check-out aisle at the drugstore last month, and what should I find but a $2 DVD promising to turn my television into a roaring fireplace, with all of the sites and sounds of a crackling, flickering fire. It was the perfect gift for my family, who have always wanted a fireplace, and who enjoy the novelty of a gift like that. And it did make the family room cozier.

Now I want to turn my laptop into a fireplace too! Like reading at the library, but find the environs a little too austere? Bring your laptop fireside and read to your heart's content by your own blazing hearth. In the mood for love? Just turn your laptop into and instant fireplace, and things are sure to heat up! This is the DVD that just keeps giving. Seriously, the video is on a loop. The fire never dies. Think of the savings when you don't buy are a real fireplace: no mess, no trees felled, no having to always be where the fireplace is. A laptop fireplace goes where you go. Buy your own "Instant Fireplace" today and get crackling!

1 comment:

  1. Love the new look! And there is nothing more comforting than zoning out while watching the flames lick around a log - real or virtual. :)