01 October 2014

Reincarnation the Third

It's been awhile since I've posted. My graphic designer sister visited recently and helped me redo the look of my blog again. She took this painting I had fallen in love with, artist unknown, gave her a hearth and a bow, patiently responded to repeated sisterly urgings of "just a little bit oranger," and I have survived to tell the tale. I intend to clean up the entire blog soon with proofreading and the replacing of fuzzy pictures and broken links, and I have promised to post once a month. This shouldn't be difficult, as I have a greenhouse full of sprouted posts ready to plant. If you're new to my blog, the "hunt" refers to Artemis, Greek goddess of the hunt, and is also a reference to the art and sport that is shopping, and the "hearth" refers to Hestia, Greek goddess of the hearth, and chiefly to homemaking, although I also try to examine what we mean by the concept of "home," both in a very local sense, but also in a more global sense. For instance, I was born in the bay area of California. My mother recalls a mild earthquake in which she found me enthusiastic and wild-eyed, standing in my crib and saying "rocky, rocky." I am interested in concepts of home as intimate as the cradle and also which affect humanity en masse as with earthquakes. I try to do this telescoping gently. I am interested in hearing what "home" means to you. Is it a person, a place, a thing, a feeling?

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