18 September 2015

Hero Music

If you're like me, sometimes you forget that you're the hero of your own story, or perhaps that your story is worth telling.  It is for times such as these that you need some kick-ass theme music.  

Rhonda Rousey, one of the greatest MMA pound for pound fighters of all time, and current UFC Women's Bantamweight Champion, walks out to Joan Jett's "Bad Reputation."

In the movie, The Holiday, Iris Simpson (Kate Winslet), while vacationing in Hollywood, meets retired screenwriter Arthur Abbott (Eli Wallach).  The Screenwriters' Guild would like to honor him for his achievements, but he is embarrassed to navigate the event with a walker.  Iris's love interest, film composer Miles (Jack Black), writes Arthur a confidence-boosting theme song, which plays as he ascends the platform, sans walker.

Above left is Georgia May Jagger, the face of Marc Jacob's "Fight Like a Girl" against breast cancer campaign.  We can all corner the fight against cancer, by supporting those on the front lines. 

When you're feeling bit part-small, cue your walkout music, and get back in the ring!  Remember that there are people in your corner, that you're a hero to them, and that they're cheering you on!

Today I came across The Marketts' "Out Of Limits."  It's big, with a this-town-ain't-big-enough-for-the-both-of-us attitude.  It's Beatrix Kiddo, racing along on her yellow Ducati to settle old scores in Kill Bill.  When I hear this, I'm ready to fight!  What's your hero music?  

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