02 December 2015

Postcard Writing: To Someone In Particular (And To Anyone Else Who May Be Reading)

1.  If you have something sexy to say, write it in a tantalizing code, slipping breathy secrets just under the nose of the postal service.  Or send a recipe.  Or write a lot about nothing... but write about it in code... because then it could be anything.  And the ladies who work at the front desk in your boyfriend's building will be dying to know what it means!

2.  I'm reminded of a ridiculous Soviet era- romantic comedy, The Glass Bottom Boat, in which Doris Day calls her answering machine and leaves cryptic messages for her dog, Vladimir.  Write your post cards as though you are "not writing state secrets," and provide a little entertainment for the powers that be!

3.  Make up a story, perhaps based on the image on the front of the post card, practicing economical poesy or prose by fitting it entirely onto that little square!

4.  Be bold with your words of good cheer!  Perhaps someone else will see them and be cheered by them too!  You know how watching the opening scenes of Love Actually makes you feel?  That's what it's like.  It's being cheered by other people's "hello's" and "I love you's" too!  https://youtu.be/bAD2_MVMUlE

There's the art of eavesdropping, and there's the art of being eavesdropped.  The enterprising postcard-writer aspires to be worthy of the eavesdropper, or the eavesreader, as it were.

This postcard is from Etsy shop meeraleepatel.

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